Injuries suffered while at work in that State of Wyoming are covered under the State's Workers' Compensation Division. 

You must Report your Injury to your employer within 72 hours of the accident causing your injury and within 10 days to the Workers' Compensation Division.  To file your claim talk to your employer and they will assist you on this or you can go to this websiteand it will direct you what to do.  Usually after a couple of weeks you will know the status of your case.


In addition to the State Workers' Compensation Division covering your medical expenses they may also reimburse you for your travel, lost wages, or vocational training depending on the injuries you suffered for your injury at work.  For more information regarding your rights when you are injured at work go the the Workers' Compensation Division website.

It is important to take the necessary steps to help you get your claim filed and recorded with the State so you can get your injuries take care of and be able to return to work when you are healthy.  If you have any questions please feel free to contact or our office and talk to one of our Doctors.  They have been working with Workers' Compensation for years and know to best assist you.